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October 2018

The best of LITHUANIA (Lietuva)




Give yourself two days or so to explore the city. Don't forget to head up to the TV tower (bus ride from the city centre)!




Easy day trip from Vilnius. Get a bus from the Central Bus station (50min or so). Easy to walk around and get to the castle.



Second largest city. Very regular buses, trains from/to Vilnius. You can see the main attractions in a full day.




Slightly out of the way, but worth a trip if you do have extra time or you're heading towards Poland.
Grutas Park is 15min drive from town of Druskininkai but seeing is believing!


Historically town of Druskininkai has been a spa town and in recent years has regenerated itself with various spa experiences.


5. Scenic route from Kaunas along the northern rim of the river NEMUNAS

Harder to do it on public transport as so many nice stops along the way. However if you do have your own car this is a great experience. Take a leisurely trip and overnight in JURBARKAS, before heading along the Kaliningrad border towards KLAIPEDA.

Nice stops along the way:
-Raudone Casle
-Pilis I (castle)



Klaipeda is a nice city with beautiful German architecture. Take a ferry to the Curonian Spit and if you have a car this will make it so much easier to get around this part.


One day for both and towards evening head to Palanga. Seaside resort with a long pedestrian pier. Bear in mind that this is a very popular weekend spot during summer months and accommodation can be eyewateringly expensive. A lot of bars and restaurants.




Out of the way unless you are heading towards Latvia. A couple hours to explore the city. Not to be missed - Hill of Crosses (not the easiest place to get to on public transport).


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BISHKEK to ALA-ARCHA (Kyrgyzstan)

Ala Archa, Kyrgyzstan

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*to be noted that I do speak Russiaan, hence the experience slightly simpler (or maybe not).*


1)Got to Bazaar Osh. Marsrutka 265 was parked already. Chatted with the driver to get us as close as possible to the National Park. The route going to Kashka Suu only however agreed that he will drop us to the first gate at extra cost (there are two gates). 100 som each. Defo overpaid here. I believe the ride to the village is only 25 som. Never mind... Took us 1hr10min.
Before the trip we were chatting with couple of taxi drivers. One of them was looking for 1.500 som from the Bazaar Osh to the Alplager for a one-way ride or 2.000 som for a return trip. Other driver was looking for 1.000 som for a one-way ride. I was saying that it's too expensive, but he said that everyone paid this, etc. Once we walked away no one was chasing us so we could not get any cheaper.

2)At the gate 1 is the entry to the National Park and the entry fees needs to be paid here. Lady was selling drinks, crisps, sweets, etc. Walked a bit further from the post and started to hitch-hike for the car passing by. 4 min later car stopped. Taxi driver heading from Bishkek to pick up a couple who pre-booked him to bring them back to the city. Arrived at the gate 2 and gave him 100 som (he did not say no, but defo overpaid here).

3)The hotel here and I believe you can get some food here also. Map highlighting the walks. Tip here! Couple meters from here road swings towards right or there is a path to the left. If you do follow the path you end up on the walk. However this is a steep and not the easiest start of the whole experience. We (by mistake) followed the road to the right towards the river. Along the river and then to the left. Here we ended up at the dead end. BUT- easy enough over the stones and very little water stream and then steep'ish clime up and we ended up on the walk path. I believe this is great way doing the same walk, but avoiding the steep start of the walk.



4)After the walk we got back to the gate 2 (Alplager). We were tired and decided just stand and wait for the cars. Waited 10-15min when the park rangers stopped to give us a lift. 'Money. Money' he said in English. I said 'Yes' and we agreed that he will drop us back to the gate 1 (he was heading to gate 1 only). Gave the driver 50 som and he did not comment on this.

5) Walked fem meters and waited for cars. Car stopped. Deal was to get from here (gate 1) to the village, where we can pick up marshrutka back to Bishkek. 50 som. He said each, I said no...in total. He was a taxi driver, he said. He was heading back to Bishkek. Agreed that we do the entire journey for 100 som. Thought it's OK deal as marshrutka will be 25 som x2 + 50 som as agreed to the gate. Nice chat along the way. Arrived to the city and he dropped us at the bus stop. Picked a city bus heading to our hotel.

See the itinerary of this trip, and details about each destination.

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FREE in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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Luxembourg can be expensive so few things I've discovered to be FREE while visiting the city:


Musee de la Banque: multiple areas dedicated to banking history in Luxembourg, architectural history of the buildings, banking technology, etc in a very nice layout inside the Banque Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat building. Surprisingly much more interesting that it sounds. FREE

Contemporary Art Gallery “am Tunnel”. Contemporary art exhibition in the tunnels below the bank buildings linking one with each other. Very contemporary space which greatly enhances the displayed art. FREE

Walkway under Pont Adolphe bridge. Suspended in the air walkway with cycling path under the actual bridge. Different way of enjoying city views. FREE

Cathedral Notre-Dame. Explore the gran Cathedral and the Royal Crypt for FREE.

Ascenseur Panoramique du Paffenthal: a panoramic lift to Pfaffenthal quarter of the city. Fantastic panoramic views from the glass bottom platform. FREE

Self-guided walking tour
-Wenzel walking tour: covering the areas such as Grund, Corniche and old medieval walls. FREE
-Pfeffenthal walking tour: covering lower part of the town within Pfeffenthal. FREE

Villa Vauben – Museum of Art of the City of Luxemburg. Fantastic display of art representing Luxemburg’s artistic modern expression and so much more. FREE

City Bus. FREE every Saturday to encourage people 'to hit the shops. This covers LUX Airport also!


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